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Inherent embodies the essence we're all born with, the very fabric of our uniqueness. Consider it your personal masterpiece, waiting to be unveiled to the world.


As we navigate through life, we encounter twists, pauses, and bold experiments with different mediums and techniques – maybe you even swap out the paintbrush for a cooking spatula or roll of paper towels!


This artwork showcases various layered techniques and bright, bold colors to represent that exact exploration.


But here's the magic – every brushstroke, every moment of exploration, even what we perceive as 'mistakes' – they all play a vital role in shaping our life's canvas, uniquely yours.



Title: Inherent

Size:  21Wx28H inches framed, depth (how much is sticks away from the wall) of frame is 2inches

Colors: red, yellow, purple, and pink

Materials: Ink, Yupo Paper, framed in standard black with museum grade plexiglass


SIGNED by the artist

Copyright of work, including all rights of reproduction in any form, are held by the artist, Kathy Williams.


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